Dr Forest's Veg, Bloom 2.4.8 and Myco Bundle Dr Forest

Dr Forest's Veg, Bloom 2.4.8 and Myco Bundle

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Veg 4. 4. 4 Fertiliser

Dr Forest’s Organic 4-4-4 Fertiliser that contains Irish BSF Frass, Worm Castings, Cinus Communis, Clay Minerals, Volcanic Rock Minerals, Sulphate of Potash, Rock Phosphate, Seaweed Extracts, Trace Minerals, Beneficial Micro-Organisms and Humic & Fulvic Acid.

All carefully sourced high quality products.

Directions For Use:

Soil Mix 4 – 10 ml per litre of soil.

Top Dressing 1– 4 ml per litre. Every 2-6 weeks or as crop needs. 

Outdoor 50 –100g per metre squared Every six weeks during growing season


Bloom 2. 4. 8 Fertiliser  

An Organic Bloom Fertiliser. For flower/fruiting. High in P & K. All high quality, carefully sourced ingredients.

Contains Irish BSF Mealworm Frass, Scottish Seaweed, Diastatic Malted Barley, Volcanic Rock Dust, Norwegian Fishmeal, Sulphate of Potash, Soft-Rock Phosphate, Fermented Bio-Char, Magnesium Mineral, Gypsum, Organic Maca Powder and Humic & Fulvic Acid with 7 Micro-Nutrients.


Directions for use:

Top Dressing- 1 – 4 ml per litre.

Outdoor- 50 –100g per metre squared. Every 2-6 weeks or as crop needs. 


Mycorrhizal Funghi

Improves transplant success, increases absorption of water and nutrients, and enhances plant growth.

Active Ingredients

Rhizophagus Intrardices 104 propagules/gm

Septoglomus deserticola 9 propagules/gm

Claroideoglomus etunicatum 9 propagules/gm

Rhizoglomus clarum 9 propagules/gm

Claroideoglomus claroideum 9 propagules/gm

Funneliformis mosseau 9 propagules/gm

Gigaspora albida 9 propagules/gm

Mycorrhizae helps you grow better, healthier plants.

Mycorrhizae (it means fungus root) are a group of about 400 fungi that form symbiotic relationships with plants. They live in or on the roots, extend their hyphae into the soil and make phosphate, nitrogen other nutrients and water available to the host plant. They extend the effective root area many hundreds of times so plants grow faster, larger and stronger with less fertiliser and water.

Farmers, horticulturalists, greenkeepers, landscapers and gardeners give your plants the mycorrhizal advantage!


The goal is to create physical contact between the roots and inoculant. Inoculant can be banded under seed, worked into seed beds, placed under cuttings, blended into potting soil, or sprinkled near roots at transplant time.

Instructions for Use

For Transplants: Apply product directly on or in contact with plant roots. For trees and vines, apply 2 tablespoons per plant. For vegetables, strawberries and other row crops, apply 1 teaspoon per plant.

For Planting Seeds: Apply product in the furrow beneath the seed at the rate of 1 tablespoon per row foot, or broadcast at the rate of 2 tablespoons per square foot and rake into the upper soil layer before planting.

Storage Conditions: Store in a cool dry place with prolonged temperature not exceeding 90 degrees F. Avoid direct sunlight.


Mineral Mix

Dr Forest’s Organic Mineral Mix is a blend of Micronised & Aerated Volcanic Rock Minerals, Clay Minerals (contains bentonite & montmorillonite clay & Gypsum.

A more diverse and complex blend of minerals to replace rock dust.

Directions For Use:

Soil Mix 10- 20 ml per litre of soil.

Top Dressing  1– 3 ml per litre. Once a month or as crop needs

Outdoor 50 –100g per metre squared. Every six weeks during growing season

Customer Reviews

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420 pureterps
Early days but first impressions are good

I'm moving towards full organic slowly and have dabbled with individual amendments and am trying the all in one top dress veg, blooom and myco, having just used the veg so far I can say that I'm confident that they do contain the listed amendments and are of good quality. I will update when the weather allows me to transplant my summer fruits and veg outdoors.


Packaging and delivery very good but I haven’t tired Dr Forest yet otherwise I would have my thoughts , hopefully as good as Gaia Green.

Paul Gardham

Joe (Dr Forest) is ever so helpful and accommodating.

I really like the products and all my houseplants are currently absorbing the fertiliser.

Packaged well with very little you can’t recycle.

Thanks very much

James Wills

Dr Forest's Veg, Bloom 2.4.8 and Myco Bundle. 20% OFF RRP

Dr Forest's Veg, Bloom 2.4.8 and Myco Bundle

Great bundle.amazing value. I swapped the 2.4.8 out with the 2.8.4 with zero issues. Great product and shop