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Custom Blend Fertilisers 

All-Purpose Plant Food 

Super 8 

Dr Forest Premium 

Fruit & Vegetable


Indoor Fertilisers 

Veg 4-4-4 

Bloom 2-4-8 

Bloom 2-8-4 

Bloom 2-8-10

Late Bloom  0.2-6-12

5-4-2 (ingredients only)   


Liquid Fertilisers

XXX Seaweed Liquid Fertiliser

XXX Seaweed & Humic Acid Liquid Fertiliser

XXX Frass Fertiliser

Growth Stimulant

Micro 92 


Bloom Boosters

Veg Activated EM-1

Bloom Activated EM-1


Plant Care Products

Neem & Mustard Seed Plant Soap

Fresh Aloe Vera Extract 

Easy Neem Oil




Fermented Bio-Char


Wetting Agent's

Castille Wetting Agent 

Soap-Nut Wetting Agent



JADAM Natural Farming 

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