Organic Insecticidal Soap made with Neem Oil Dr Forest
Organic Insecticidal Soap made with Neem Oil Dr Forest

Organic Insecticidal Soap made with Neem Oil

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Dr Forest’s Insecticidal Soap is made from cold-pressed Organic Neem Oil. It is a natural bio-degradable soap that is similar to a castille soap. It is a good preventative at lower dilutions and a treatment at higher concentrations. It can also be combined with other products such as the Dr Forest Emulsified Neem Oil to increase the effectiveness.


Saponified Neem Oil & Reverse-Osmosis Filtered Water

Foliar Spray

6 ml - 30 ml : 1000 ml


  • Soft water (filtered water, pondwater, rainwater) is essential. When added the solution should be frothy after giving a shake/stir/whisk. It should not be cloudy or have bits in it. You can add more wetting agent if your water is a bit hard but be careful! When you apply, it should completely coat the leaves.
  • Can be applied to all crops
  • Has no expiration date
  • Apply early morning or at sunset.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Eso - One
Neem soap to the rescue

Used the product yesterday for the first time, on some blackcurrant plants that are being attacked by aphids and the attending ants and also using it some raspberry plants which we lost a whole crop to raspberry beatle last year. Mixed a high concentration of the soap with some RO water gave it a good shake and sprayed the affected plants, had a look today and the aphids and ants seem subdued going to repeat the treatment every three days, I was surprised how well the solution mixes with water and how foamy it gets. Would recommend.

R Boar
Good red spider mite control

Used to control mild red spider mite problem on a Calathea, worked really well. Applied every three days using soft water and after three applications I’ve seen no evidence of live mites. Used in conjunction with natural wetting agent/neem emulsifier the spray seemed to generally rejuvenate the plant too.

Mr Green
Neem Soap

Used to make 1L solution and dipped Thrip infested cuttings for 30 seconds showed instant improvement, repeated 7 days later and will continue to use as regular IPM.