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Soluble Fish Protein Hydrolysate Fertiliser 12-0-0

Soluble Fish Protein Hydrolysate Fertiliser 12-0-0

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Fish protein hydrolysate protein fertiliser is rich in essential amino acids and organic nutrients. It has been carefully processed using technology that breaks down the proteins into smaller oligopeptides and amino acids. These are readily absorbable forms of nitrogen that promote rapid plant growth and increased yield.

Fish protein is easy to use, just add it to the soil or mix it with water for a foliar spray. You can use fish protein on all types of plants, from vegetables and fruits to flowers and trees.

It improves soil compaction and maintains soil fertility. It promotes root development, photosynthesis, plant growth, and flower bud differentiation. When applied to fruit trees, it enhances leaf colour, reduces disease, and minimizes flower and fruit drops. When ripe, the fruit is usually of better quality, shape, sweetness, and yield than the unfertilized tree. In terms of stress resistance, it contains unsaturated fatty acids and functional factors that improve crop frost resistance, nutrient absorption, and cold resistance. 

>99% Water Soluble

Organic Nitrogen 12%

Amino Acid (Oligopeptide) >75%

Free Amino Acid >35%


Directions for use:

Soil Drench: 1g : 1000ml - 3000ml

Foliar: 1g : 200ml – 3000ml

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George Price
Fishy on the dishy

If you not using this...YOU SHOULD