Liquid Sulphur 25%

Directions for use:

Normal Solution - 0.5 - 2 ml per litre of Sulphur with 7-10 ml per litre of Dr Forest’s Bio Wetting Agent.

Strong Treatment – 2-3 ml per litre of Sulphur with 10-15 ml per litre of Dr Forest’s Bio Wetting Agent

Winter Tree Treatment – 4-5 ml per litre of Sulphur with 15 - 20 ml per litre of Dr Forest’s Bio Wetting Agent.

 Start at lower concentration and gradually work your way up until you get desired results.


  • Be very careful with greenhouse/indoor plants
  • Ideally apply very early or very late. Avoid hot times of day. You want the foliar spray to be in contact with the leaf for as long as possible. Therefore the best time to apply is very early in the morning when the humidity is high.
  • Must be combined with Wetting Agent to ensure complete plant coverage. (Jadam wetting agent can be substituted for another wetting agent)
  • Soft water works best (rainwater, pondwater, filtered water). Hard water will be completely ineffective. If your water is soft you may need more wetting agent. 
  • Will burn above 4ml per litre.
  • Can be applied to all crops
  • No expiry date
  • Does not damage plastic sheet or the steel pipes of greenhouse
  • Do not use continuously,.
  • Take extra care in early stages of growth or soft plants in greenhouses. Start at lowest concentration.
  •  Persimmons, walnuts and grapes are particularly sensitive to Sulphur. Extra caution needed.