which fertiliser?



All-Purpose 5-4-3 

An Organic all-rounder with no animal products. Great for houseplants. It doesn't have a strong smell. 


Dr Forest Premium 

Designed for no-till/no-dig growers. Less emphasis on NPK content and more on amendments that build soil health and stimulate the soil life web. It is a 50:50 blend of fertilisers and minerals. This is what I use most often in my garden. 


Super 8 

Dr Forest Premium without the Minerals. 100% Premium Organic Fertilisers.


Veg 4-4-4

Designed for the vegetative stage of plant growth.

Can be used as a all-rounder but most commonly used to grow fruit's and vegetables during the vegetative stage. When fruit/vegetable production starts this will be replaced by a bloom fertiliser. This technique is commonly used by growers who want to maximise yields.


Bloom 2-8-4

Designed for the flowering stage of plant growth. Great for all flower's.

High in phosphorous and calcium 


Bloom 2-4-8

Designed for the fruit and vegetable production stage of plant growth. 

High in potassium 


Bloom 2 0.2-5-10 

Designed for the later stages of fruit or vegetable production to maximise yield.

Very low in nitrogen and very high in potassium. 2:1 Potassium to Phosphorous ratio.  High in rockdust to ensure nutrient dense, delicious results. 


Bloom 2 0-7-7

Designed for the later stages of plant growth where higher phosphorus and potassium levels are needed.

Very low in nitrogen with high potassium and phosphorous. 1:1 Potassium to phosphorous ratio. Good amount of calcium and magnesium.