which fertiliser?

Custom Blend Fertilisers 

Multi-ingredient Organic Fertilisers with the full range of macro and micro nutrients. 


Organic All-Purpose Fertiliser

includes dried worm castings, humic acid and plenty of scottish seaweed. Well balanced and versatile. 


Fruit and Vegetable Fertiliser

High in potassium to increase yield. Great for citrus fruit too. 


Flower and Rose Fertiliser 

Rich in phosphorous to promote bountiful blooms. 


Dr Forest Premium 

Designed for no-till/no-dig growers. Less emphasis on NPK content and more on amendments that build soil health and stimulate the soil life web. It is a 50:50 blend of fertilisers and minerals. This is what I use most often in my garden. 


Specialist Fertilisers - 

These fertilisers are tailored for each specific stage of plant growth to ensure high yield with organic growing method. Usually used for indoor growing to maximise yields. 

Veg 4-4-4

Designed for the vegetative stage of plant growth.

Can be used as a all-rounder but most commonly used to grow fruit's and vegetables during the vegetative stage.


Bloom 2-8-4

Designed for the flowering stage of plant growth. Great for all flower's.

High in phosphorous and calcium 


Bloom 2-4-8

Designed for the fruit and vegetable production stage of plant growth. 

High in potassium 


Late Bloom 0.2-6-12 

Designed for the later stages of fruit or vegetable production to maximise yield.

Very low in nitrogen and high in potassium. 2:1 Potassium to Phosphorous ratio.


Organic 5-4-3 Fertiliser

All-rounder with no animal products. Economical.


Super 8 

Dr Forest Premium without the Minerals.  A blend of 8 Premium Organic Fertilisers.