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Acti-Ferm. Microbial Concentrate. 1 year shelf life. 2 litres

Acti-Ferm. Microbial Concentrate. 1 year shelf life. 2 litres

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Actiferm Microbial Concentrate

Actiferm is supplied in a vacuum bag-bag-in-a-box packaging to optomise quality and ensure all bio-active ingredients are just as good on the day that youuse them to the day that we packaged them expected when used on edible crops. 

After dilution Actiferm should be used within 12 hours.

Normally comes with a 10 month shelf life. 

Actiferm is 100% natural and safe for our eco-system, adults, children and pets. Good results can be 

Actiferm is an activated mixture of EM Effective Micro-Organisms (EM-1)

These "good" bacteria promote the breakdown of organic matter through a fermentative composting process. Actiferm helps recolonise (sterile) soils with a wide range of microbes derived from nature. Boosting the "life"in the soil improves crops andhelps protect crops from soil borne disease. 

Actiferm consists of a mixture of beneficial microbes which act as bio-stimulants in the soil making all your plants stronger. 

1. Lactic acid bacteria provide natural antiseptic properties to the soil, keeping at bay.

2. Fungi promote a strong root system and enhance the nutrient uptake, 

3. Photothropic bacteria provide energy and strimulate thebioogical activity in the soil.

4. Yeasts provide beneficial probiotic active enzymes.

5. Actinmycetes help prevent disease at the root system.

All these microbes work in symbiosis together stregthening the soils natural defence.

Application: Dilute in water before spraying

Dilute 1:100 and spray or sprinkle with a watering can over the soil.

Mixing example: tap off 50mls of Actiferm into a watering can and add 5 liutres of clean water. Apply to all plants, shrubs, trees, vegetables and lawns. Repeat weekly in the growing season and once a month to established plants. 

Composition - EM-1 activated (lactic acid bacteria, years and phototropic bacteria)


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