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Dr Higa's Organic EM-1. Probiotic Fertiliser & Hydroponics Supplement. 1 litre

Dr Higa's Organic EM-1. Probiotic Fertiliser & Hydroponics Supplement. 1 litre

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Dr Higa’s Organic EM-1 is a mixture of beneficial bacteria cultures which exist in nature as micro-organisms. This liquid is obtained from the mixtures of aerobic and anaerobic cultures that begin an anaerobic fermentation process which reduces the loss of vital nutrients through the atmosphere allowing the nutrients to be available in the soil. Research has proved that the addition of EM-1 cultures into the eco-system improves the quality of soil, plant growth and crop productivity. The EM-1 Effective Micro-Organisms are all derived from natural sources and not from genetically modified sources.

The selection of micro-organisms include lactic-acid, yeasts, fungi and phototropic bacteria. Many of these are used traditionally in food production as an inoculant in silages. These micro-organisms exist in a dormant state in EM-1 Liquid and are activated by water and molasses.

One teaspoon of EM-1 contains over a billion micro-organisms.


Effects of EM-1

  1. Increases crop productivity, reducing the use of chemical (pesticides) and synthetic components.
  2. Improves the physical, chemical and biological state of the soil which can be seen in the texture and measured in the ontent.
  3. Improves germination, flowering, fruition, ripening and root growth.
  4. Increases photosynthesis.
  5. Reduces occurrence of disease and plagues through an increased resistance.
  6. Increases the uptake of organic matter available in the soil
  7. Speeds up the composting process.


Instructions for use:

EM-1 can be sprayed on crops, soil, compost and in animal housing. EM-1 is also used in water purification and sewage treatment plants. All apparatus used should be clean and free from residual pesticides before using EM-1. The strength of the dilution depends on which crop is sprayed and the physical/chemical properties of the soil. A dilution of 1-10 litres EM-1 can be applied per hectare of land.




Seedbeds: A 1% solution can be sprayed or watered onto the soil 2-3 weeks before sowing. This may be repeated just before planting the seedling and continued every two weeks. Crops which can be treated include: cereals, vegetables, fruit trees, vineyards, flowers and forage.


Hydroponic Cultures: Mix a 1% solution with the nutrient additive in the hydro culture.

This stimulates the assimilation of nutrients which enhances root formation.


Animal Husbandry: Cattlesheds, pig sties, equine stables and chicken sheds. Spray with a 2% solution to eliminate odour, increase animal health and treat slurry.


Polluted Waters: Please consult me.


Compatibility: We strongly advise against mixing EM-1 with pesticides, fungicides or other chemical products. The living organisms may be destroyed and leave the product ineffective.

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Mec Ursell

I have shared a bit of my bottle with a couple of people who will now buy their own,
It is the best ever for getting rid of unwanted animal smells in the house too.