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Dr Forest

Micronized Volcanic Rock Minerals. Basalt

Micronized Volcanic Rock Minerals. Basalt

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Dr Forest’s Premium Rock Dust is a natural product of volcanic origin. These granules, which originate from diabase basalt rock, are not processed and have no pollutants . They are possibly millions of years old and contain extraordinary components (zeolites and phonolites), which re-mineralise the soil.

Dr Forest’s Premium Volcanic Rock Dust contains a large amount of minerals (iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium), and trace elements (silicon, zinc, titanium), making it the ideal natural way to supplement the soil. It provides building blocks for the development of fertile biologically active soil.

Directions for use:

Soil Mix 10-40 ml per litre of soil.

Top Dressing  2– 10 ml per litre.

Outdoor 100 – 400g per metre squared. Every six weeks during growing season or as crop needs.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Super charges your homemade teas.

Ideal to add to homemade teas to give all the micro and macro nutrients to make it perfect for drench or spray.

Returning customer
Great mix

Great for achieving high brix produce and to remineralize the soil.
Must use ammendment.

Luke Phelan

Micronized Volcanic Rock Minerals. Basalt

Lindsey Blackman
Amazing product

I just moved to a new property. There were some trees in the garden that were so dry and looked dead. I applied the volcanic powder to both about late March . They have both come to life with new growth. I actually couldn’t believe it. I have a few of Dr Forest s products and they are extremely beneficial to my garden