Cheap DIY Microbe Solution (JMS)

Jadam Microbe Solution is a low-cost microbial solution that was created by Youngsang Cho, the founder of the Jadam farming system.

1. 4L filtered water

2. 40g volcanic rock dust

3. 4g good sea salt

4. 1.6g humic acid (optional)

5. 1.6g mycorrhizal funghi (optional) 

6. 25g boiled potato (blended to puree) 

7. 4-8g leaf mould soil (underneath well established tree in forest)

8. Fresh plant trimmings (optional and preferably same plant as one you are using solution on.)

9. Leave to ferment at 18-22 degrees for 1-3 days until raft forms on surface. You will get small bubbles at first then a foam will start to form. Do not stir. When the raft is well formed it is ready. 

If you leave it too long the raft will eventually break as the microbes start to die. 

10. Dilute 1:10 for root drench. If no plants in bed can be used at full strength. For foliar applications dilute 1:20 and mix with wetting agent. 

11. Use 3 times to water soil bed/ container before planting in for maximum yield. 

12. Apply continuously throughout growth but intensively before transplanting for annuals and before flowering/sprouting for perennials. It reduces soil salinity, helps root settlement, prevents nematodes and wilting. 

The original recipe with photos available here 

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