Fish Amino Acid 2.0 with no fish?

Fish Amino Acid 2.0 with no fish?

I would just like to mention the book "The Noma Guide to Fermentation", where the idea and the photographed recipe below came from. 

How could you improve fish amino acid?

1. Increase amount of amino acids

2. Incorporate another known growth increasing ingredient to maximise effect. 


1. How to increase the amount of amino acids

An introduction to Koji

Koji is rice innoculated with a mould called, aspergillus oryzae. It is a wild mould that has been essentially domesticated over hundreds of years of use by humans. It is free from aflatoxins and safe for human consumption unlike many of its fungal relatives. It is a key ingredient in Soy Sauce, Sake and Miso just to name a few. 

One of the unique characteristics of Koji, is its ability to break down protein into the constituent amino acids. In fact some strains can exponentially increase the amount of amino acids in a protein rich liquid. One variety of Koji increases the quantity of glutamate giving soy sauce it the unique flavour. 

Koji Recipe 




Development Idea

Replace IMO with Pearl Barley Koji


2.  How to incorporate another known growth increasing ingredient to maximise effect. 

Black Soldier Larvae has a similar quantity of protein to fish meal and considerable amount of chitin. 

Amino Acids + Chitin 

What is Chitin?

Chitin is commonly found in the outer coverings of insects and shellfish and the cell walls of fungi and algae.

When plants are in the presence of chitin, it increases the bio-active health and performance of plants by stimulating and balancing micro-organisms in the soil. It also activates immune responses and elevates natural defence against attack from insects and diseases.

Development Idea - Replace fish with Black Soldier Fly Larvae and BSF Frass. 

Recipe 1.0 

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