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Dr Forest

Grow-Kashi. Probiotic Soil Conditioner

Grow-Kashi. Probiotic Soil Conditioner

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Grow Kashi is a probiotic soil conditioner that will inoculate with bacteria and fungi, stimulate microbial activity and aid in the breakdown of nutrients.

Made fresh to order

Use within 2 weeks of opening vacuum-sealed bag. 

Use within 6 weeks of purchase.

When storing try and reduce exposure to oxygen. Store in sealed container. Keep out of direct sunlight. 

Directions for use:

Sprinkle 1-2 ml per litre on the soil surface after watering

Use every 2-6 weeks.

It will more than likely result in a bacterial bloom on the soil surface. This is perfectly natural and will not damage your plant.

What are Probiotics?

Dr Higa’s Bokashi Bran –  Rice Bran that has various groups of microorganisms, including lactic acid bacteria, yeasts and photosynthetic bacteria cultivated on it.  

Fermented Biochar – Earthly Biochar that is combined with volcanic rock dust, diastatic malted barley, worm castings, humic acid, mycorrhizal funghi which is then inoculated with a premium compost extract. This mixture is slowly fermented and then dried. The biochar is effectively used as a substrate to grow a blend of beneficial bacteria and fungi.


Dr Higa’s Bokashi Bran

Fermented Earthly Biochar

Diastatic Malted Barley

Organic Indian Neem Meal

Scottish Seaweed

Humic & Fulvic Acid

Mycorrhizal Funghi


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Customer Reviews

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Krisztian Iszkaicz

Grow-Kashi. Probiotic Soil Conditioner

Grow Kashi

Great stuff works really well to speed up the breaking down of matter on the top soil

Games Mchellwraith
Grow kashi probiotic soil conditioner

Awesome stuff!