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N-Amino. Amino Acid Chelated Nitrogen Fertiliser. 14-0-0. 100% Water Soluble.

N-Amino. Amino Acid Chelated Nitrogen Fertiliser. 14-0-0. 100% Water Soluble.

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NPK 14-0-0


N-Amino is a water-soluble nitrogen fertilizer derived from soy protein hydrolysate. It is a fine, free-flowing hygoscopic, spray-dried powder that contains short chains of amino acids in peptide form, derived from enzymatic hydrolosis of non-GMO soybeans. It is a low-sodium low-nitrate, sprayable concentrate. N-Amino should be used as part of a complete fertiliser program to address calcium deficiencies in the crop. It can be used through the entire crop life-cycle to correct nutrient deficiency and feed the soil biology.



- Improves efficiency of applied fertilisers

- Provides an excellent food source for microbial population.

- Enhances micronutrient uptake via natural complexing agent

- Improves overall plant health and decreases risk of abiotic stress.

- Can be used immediately to address nitrogen deficiencies

- Optimizes plant performance and improves soil conditions for improved crop establishment.


Application Rates

Soil/soilless/hydroponics - 1-2 grams per litre

Soil fertility - 5-10 grams per 10 metre squared

Lawn - 5-10 grams per 10 metre squared


Physical Characteristics

Form- powder

Color- Light caramel

Solubility 100%

Ph 5-6


Guaranteed Analysis

Water soluble nitrogen 14%

Magnesium 0.5%


N-Amino can be applied to most crops including; trees, vines, ornamentals, small fruits, vegetables, row crops, feed crops, forage and pasture. It can be applied by in-furrow, side dress, spray and fertigation.

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