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Dr Forest

Dr Forest's Organic Bloom Booster fermented with EM-1

Dr Forest's Organic Bloom Booster fermented with EM-1

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Dr Forest’s Bloom Booster fermented with EM-1 is a liquid fertiliser designed for the flowering/fruiting stage of plant growth.  It is designed to be used in combination with a base fertiliser during the fruit/flowering stage of plant growth. It contains phosphorous, potassium and micro nutrients as well as beneficial microbes and compounds to increase yield. 

Bloom Booster

Activated EM-1 is fermented using EM-1 (effective micro-organisms). EM1 is a blend of phototropic bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, actinomycetes & fungi. The activated em-1 contains vitamins, growth hormones, enzymes, organic acids, antioxidants and anti-biotics that provide the plant with natural protection from pest’s and disease.

Contains: British Polyhalite, Tunisian Rock Phosphorous, Volcanic Rock Dust, Organic Banana Peel, Humic Acid, Molasses, Dr Higa EM-1 and Supa Cera C Powder. 


How is it made:

British Polyhalite, Tunisian Rock Phosphorous, Volcanic Rock Dust, Humic Acid and filtered water are fermenter anaerobically for at least 3 months at room temperature.

This liquid fertiliser inspired by Jadam Method JLF (Jadam Liquid Fertiliser) is then fermented with em-1.

Organic Banana Peel is added along with EM-1, Molasses and Supa Cera C Powder. This is then kept above 25 degrees and fermented for about 2 weeks before being strained and bottled.

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Customer Reviews

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Philip Roberts

Good for various applications

Bloom booster

Great stuff! Been using this for a few feeds and seems to be producing great results