Natural Wetting Agent / Neem Emulsifier
Natural Wetting Agent / Neem Emulsifier
Natural Wetting Agent / Neem Emulsifier
Natural Wetting Agent / Neem Emulsifier

Natural Wetting Agent / Neem Emulsifier

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Natural Wetting Agent with Indian Soap Nuts and Aloe Vera

Dr Forests Natural Wetting Agent is made from only the best and most responsibly sourced products. The aim was to produce a wetting agent that was naturally derived and reasonable in price. This product is a small batch product crafted by my own hands, no compromises on quality.


Dr Forests Natural Wetting Agent

When used in a foliar spray will:

  • Reduce Surface Tension
  • Improve the performance of pesticides
  • Improve water spread and penetration
  • Improve uptake of nutrients and trace elements


When used as a soil drench it will:

  • Increase biological activity within the medium
  • Improve seed germination
  • Improve nutrient absorption
  • Stimulate plant growth
  • Soften hard compacted soils


Dr Forest’s Natural Wetting agent is also an excellent anti stress agent helping your plants to recover from things such as transplanting, extreme temperatures, toxic shock and transportation damage.

 Did you know that Ritha aka soap nut contains over 35 different types of saponins. This diverse group of compounds is what makes the soap nut such an amazing natural wetting agent and so much more. Saponins are known to have various biological properties. They affect feed intake, growth and reproduction in pests, and they can be used as fungicides, molluscicides (snail bait) and pesticides, as well as against some bacteria and viruses. Saponins give rise to increased mortality levels, lowered food intake, weight reduction, retardation in development, disturbances in development and decreased reproduction in insects. Saponins also trigger a plants natural pest resistant or SAR (Systemic acquired resistance). Important to note as well, the part of the soap nut seed used is the skin/husk (not the seed or nut itself) meaning our concentrate is loaded with minerals to also act as a feed/fertilizer for your plants/soil.


Directions for use:

Add 1-2 teaspoon per gallon for foliar sprays

Add 2-3 teaspoons per gallon for soil/root drench

Customer Reviews

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Jordan Blaze

Great product

David Cooper
Works Well

This product works well, giving a nice even coating to the leaves, plus nutrients.
Making it a must for your IPM.

Natural wetting agent/neem emulsifier

As always 6 stars, very high quality, works like a charm ! Every products stand out !