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Dr Forest

Organic Amino Acid. 84% Amino Acid. Water-Soluble. 12-0-0

Organic Amino Acid. 84% Amino Acid. Water-Soluble. 12-0-0

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Introducing Dr Forest’s Organic Amino Acid, a powerful bio-stimulant with a 84.4% concentration of amino acids obtained through enzymatic hydrolysis. Specially formulated to cater to all crops, including vegetables, olive trees, fruit trees, citrus trees, vineyards, banana plantations, gardens, ornamental plants, and lawns, our Organic Amino Acid is designed to enhance plant growth and development.

Our Organic Amino Acid is 100% active ingredient, free from fillers or inert materials. It exclusively contains beneficial L-type amino acids, ensuring optimal results for your plants.

But that's not all—our Organic Amino Acid has other benefits. With 79% organic matter, 13% nitrogen (N), 8% potassium (K2O), and 3000 ppm of absorbable iron (Fe), it helps activate diverse reactions in plant metabolism, offering biostimulant properties akin to natural plant hormones and growth regulators, while acting as a traditional nutrient.

Enriched with essential nitrogen (N), natural potassium (K), absorbable iron (Fe), and magnesium (Mg), Dr. Forest’s Organic Amino Acid seamlessly combines biostimulant and nutritional actions, making it an effective solution for plant care.

Experience the wonders of Dr. Forest’s Organic Amino Acid with a wide array of benefits, including:

  • Enhancing root development
  • Strengthening plant growth, including leaves and buds
  • Stimulating blossom formation and fruit growth
  • Increasing resistance to stressful conditions such as cold, heat, drought, and plant health treatments
  • Facilitating nutrient absorption from soil and foliage
  • Promoting earlier and more uniform fruit ripening
  • Assisting in calcium assimilation within cells
  • Extending fruit preservation after harvest.
  • Elevating iron and potassium levels in plants.

As an added advantage, our Organic Amino Acid's micro-granulated formula ensures instant water solubility, eliminating concerns of blockages in pipes and filters during foliar spray applications or irrigation systems.

Dr Forest’s Organic Amino Acid is the go-to bio-stimulant for unparalleled plant nourishment and growth. Elevate your gardening and farming endeavours with this reliable bio-stimulant and experience thriving and flourishing plants like never before.




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Lee Bewes

Worked well for me on some struggling cuttings.